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Get The Help You Need From An Accident Attorney

My name is Arlene, and two years ago, I was involved in a car accident that wasn't my fault. I had some injuries that required a hospital stay, and I was unable to return to work for several weeks. I didn't know how I was going to pay my bills, and it was very stressful for me. My friend told me that I needed to hire an accident and personal injury attorney so I could recover my lost wages and medical costs. I was so glad that I hired the attorney, and my stress level immediately went down. Through the attorney, I was able to get a settlement, and I was no longer in financial trouble. I am writing this blog to let everyone know the importance of hiring an attorney after an accident. It's my wish that this blog will help others who are in similar situations.

Get The Help You Need From An Accident Attorney

Personal Injury From Dental Nightmares ~ What Every Consumer Needs To Know

Mattie Bennett

When you go to the dentist, you are likely like most people. You trust the professional recommendations and services being provided. Perhaps you never have experienced dental anxiety and every appointment you have ever had has always turned out just as expected. You may find it hard to believe that everyday people have experienced life changing events at the "hands" of dentists they trusted. The following are examples of things that your dentist may do or fail to do that could be determined as negligence and qualify you for compensation under medical malpractice laws. 

Nerve Damage

There is a possibility that nerve damage can occur when teeth are extracted or reconstructed. This does not mean that due to the known risk, a dentist cannot be held liable. For example, dentists may have their patients sign documents stating that they understand that nerve damage risks are associated with certain procedures, but if it can be proven that a dentist's negligence was a contributing factor to nerve damage, a patient could be compensated. 

Failed Procedures

There are a number of cosmetic procedures that patients choose to have performed. If injuries occur due to these procedures, dentists could be held liable. For example, a dentist might damage a healthy tooth while restoring a damaged tooth and might not report or repair the damages. The patient might experience tooth sensitivity shortly after the procedure and eventually discover that the new damage was due to shoddy dental work. 

Failure to Inform or Refer

Some dentists want to be the total solution for their patients. This can lead to them acting out of the scope of their job. For example, a general dentist who is not trained to treat certain conditions should refer their patients to a dentist who can treat them. Even if a referral is not made, the dentist has a duty to inform the patient that they are not qualified to treat the condition. If neither of these is done and a patient's oral health suffers, the dentist could be held liable. 

Misdiagnosis or Unnecessary Procedures

Sometimes dentists advise patients to have procedures performed that are not medically necessary. If a patient is seeking cosmetic enhancements, this is expected, but some dentists advise adults to have procedures such as wisdom teeth removal when there is no pain reported or risk involved with leaving the teeth in place. These patients might experience lifetime pain or difficulties after these unnecessary procedures as a result of nerve damage or trauma, which could qualify them for compensation.

People have experienced dental complications that range from physical injuries to death, and do not make the mistake of thinking that death by a dentist can only occur if dental surgery is involved. There have been cases where unsafe dental procedures were performed that exposed patients to incurable diseases such as HIV and hepatitis, which can both eventually lead to slow and eventual death. A personal injury lawyer is a good resource to use if you or a family member is harmed by a dentist. For more information, visit websites like