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Get The Help You Need From An Accident Attorney

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Get The Help You Need From An Accident Attorney

Suffered A Seizure At A Concert? Here Are Some Reasons That The Promoter Could Be Liable

Mattie Bennett

A lot of music concerts have elements that may be problematic for someone who suffers from seizures. Bright, flashing lights from the stage, for example, may be enough to trigger a seizure while you're in attendance at a concert. If you've been through this concerning situation, and especially if you've suffered an injury or incurred some medical expenses because of your seizure, consulting with a personal injury attorney should be a priority for you. The legal professional may want to represent you in bringing an injury suit against the promoter, especially if these liability issues were present.

No Warning About The Lights

Anyone who attends a concert should expect there to be stage lights, but these lights aren't necessarily problematic for someone who is predisposed to having seizures. Flashing lights and laser-style lights, however, are problematic. The promoter of the concert has a responsibility to let attendees know of this risk before they enter. You'll generally find that signage in the venue or even information printed on your ticket will warn you about the lights and advise you not to attend if you have seizures, but if this information wasn't displayed anywhere visible, your attorney will argue that the promoter was negligent.

Inadequate Medical Response

Every concert should have trained medical personnel on hand to assist any audience member who needs it. For example, dehydration and heat exhaustion are potential risks at a concert, and the promoter needs to pay for people who can help fans who suffer these issues. If you suffered a lighting-induced seizure at a concert at the medical response was inadequate, this is another point that can help your personal injury suit. For example, if there were no medical personnel on hand and a few fellow audience members had to assist you, this is another demonstration of the promoter's negligence.

Ineffective Security Response

Additionally, the security personnel who were on duty at the venue should be able to help your situation by pushing people back to give you space — and let anyone administering first aid to you have room to do so. You may have faced the difficult situation of the security response being poor, however. For example, if the promoter didn't hire enough security guards, those in attendance may not have been able to leave their posts and render assistance. Each of these points has the potential to add up to a major lawsuit for you.