Get The Help You Need From An Accident Attorney
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Get The Help You Need From An Accident Attorney

My name is Arlene, and two years ago, I was involved in a car accident that wasn't my fault. I had some injuries that required a hospital stay, and I was unable to return to work for several weeks. I didn't know how I was going to pay my bills, and it was very stressful for me. My friend told me that I needed to hire an accident and personal injury attorney so I could recover my lost wages and medical costs. I was so glad that I hired the attorney, and my stress level immediately went down. Through the attorney, I was able to get a settlement, and I was no longer in financial trouble. I am writing this blog to let everyone know the importance of hiring an attorney after an accident. It's my wish that this blog will help others who are in similar situations.

Get The Help You Need From An Accident Attorney

Information Your Auto Accident Attorney Needs From You

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When you are involved in a car accident, a lawyer can make a major difference in your claim. However, there are several things that your attorney will want to know. Providing the right information can help you make sure that your attorney will be able to help you.


Tell the lawyer if you believe that the other driver caused the accident and whether you think you may be partially to blame. They will also want to know where you were going when the crash occurred. 

Evidence You Have Gathered

Tell your attorney about any evidence you have gathered. While your attorney will have ways to gather evidence to support your claim, gathering witness statements or photographs will go a long way toward bolstering your case. For example, by taking photographs of your injuries immediately after the accident, you can prove that your injuries were caused by the accident.

Medical Information

Inform your attorney about whether you received medical treatment for your injuries and what your prognosis is. Detail any treatments you have received. Also, don't forget to tell your attorney about any pre-existing injuries you have.

Communications with Insurance Adjusters

Tell your attorney about whether you spoke with your own auto insurance provider and how it went. You should avoid speaking to the auto insurance provider of the other driver until you have spoken with your attorney.

You may want your attorney to handle all communications with the insurance provider. The insurance provider might make a settlement offer and you will want to inform your attorney about this.

The Police Report

You are required to wait for the police to arrive at the scene of the accident before leaving. The police report can also include helpful information. You will need to tell your attorney about whether the police report indicates that one party is at fault or another and whether the officer issued any traffic citations.

Your Legal Case

Your attorney wants all of this information so they can determine the odds that your case will be successful. Taking legal action will always cost money and you would be better off simply filing a claim with your insurance provider if there is a low chance that you will win your case. 

However, you should never assume that you cannot win your case until you have spoken with an auto accident attorney. There is evidence that only your attorney will be able to access.