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Get The Help You Need From An Accident Attorney

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Get The Help You Need From An Accident Attorney

Why Truck Drivers Are Required To Have Physicals

Mattie Bennett

Truck drivers are more likely to be involved in crashes than other types of drivers. In some cases, the accident is not the driver's fault, but in other cases, the truck driver shouldn't have been on the road in the first place. Some drivers are simply not healthy enough to be able to safely operate a commercial truck. Truck companies are required to make sure that their drivers receive physicals, but some drivers choose to skip over this responsibility and end up becoming a hazard on the road.

Common Health Problems Truck Drivers Have

The health problems that are the most likely to be a problem for truck drivers are sleep disorders and health problems that lead to fatigue. The working conditions that a truck driver is often placed under can lead to the driver developing health problems that will increase the odds that they will end up in an accident.

For example, truck drivers often live sedentary lifestyles and are more prone to obesity. This condition can lead to other health problems such as diabetes. Suffering from diabetes can cause a range of health problems including vision loss.

The Need for Physicals

If the truck driver is not given a proper physical, their employer might find themselves liable for the accident. If a truck driver is an employee of a company and is not an independent contractor, their employer might be held liable for the accident through the concept of "vicarious liability."

With this concept, an employee is held responsible financially for the actions of their employee. The employer might also face fines for failing to mandate that the employee receive a proper physical.

The Next Steps to Take

After you have been involved in a truck accident, the most important thing to do is to immediately seek medical attention. By doing so, you will be able to improve your odds of having a full recovery.

Once you have received medical treatment, you will need to contact a truck wreck attorney for help. While you are focused on recovering, your attorney will conduct an investigation into the driver to find out any details that might be relevant to your case.

If your attorney is able to uncover that the truck driver had a medical issue and that this contributed to the accident, you may be able to use this fact to hold the driver and their employer responsible for the accident.