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Get The Help You Need From An Accident Attorney

My name is Arlene, and two years ago, I was involved in a car accident that wasn't my fault. I had some injuries that required a hospital stay, and I was unable to return to work for several weeks. I didn't know how I was going to pay my bills, and it was very stressful for me. My friend told me that I needed to hire an accident and personal injury attorney so I could recover my lost wages and medical costs. I was so glad that I hired the attorney, and my stress level immediately went down. Through the attorney, I was able to get a settlement, and I was no longer in financial trouble. I am writing this blog to let everyone know the importance of hiring an attorney after an accident. It's my wish that this blog will help others who are in similar situations.

Get The Help You Need From An Accident Attorney

Hurt In A Construction Zone Accident? What Victims Need To Know

Mattie Bennett

It can be frustrating to drive through a road construction zone. Drivers must be on high alert for signs, detours, sudden lane shifts, and slow and go traffic. These zones are filled with opportunities for accidents to happen. They can also be dangerous for road construction workers. In some cases, drivers could end up being blamed for a construction zone accident even when they did not cause the wreck. Read on to find out more.

Move Over Laws 

With so many accidents occurring in construction zones, each state has enacted laws that govern how drivers should behave when traveling through these areas. While they differ slightly from state to state, most laws require drivers to move to the lane that is as far away as possible from workers. There are also special speed limits for drivers to obey. In many cases, these move-over laws apply to any work area and that may include cleanup crews, first responders at an accident scene, and more. Violations of the rules that result in an accident could impact your ability to be paid for losses. You will likely need to speak to a personal injury lawyer if you got in an accident in a construction zone.

Who is Liable?

Even though drivers should use extreme caution in a work zone, accidents can still occur, and sometimes the fault lies with the construction company. They must take care to make things safe not only for their workers but also for all drivers. However, some construction zone accidents can be laid at the feet of the company. For instance, the below situations were caused by the negligence of the construction company:

  • Warning signs were not posted or were not posted correctly. That could lead drivers to be surprised by suddenly changing road conditions.
  • Detours were not plainly marked. That could lead drivers to veer off the road or travel directly into a construction zone.
  • Holes, uneven pavement, and large pieces of equipment were present in travel lanes. Running into a large piece of construction equipment could be fatal but even a steep drop in the pavement could cause drivers to lose control.
  • Sudden changes in the work zone caused motorists to make sudden, unsafe stops.

Getting Paid for Construction Zone Accidents

This type of accident can be more complex than others. Other vehicles may be involved along with the construction company leaving a mess to untangle. Speak to a personal injury lawyer about your accident and let them figure out who should pay for your medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering, and wrecked vehicle. These big companies are well-insured for this type of situation so speak to a lawyer and be paid what you deserve.