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Get The Help You Need From An Accident Attorney

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Get The Help You Need From An Accident Attorney

4 Telltale Signs Of Nursing Home Abuse

Mattie Bennett

Individuals who have loved ones who can no longer take care of themselves may make the difficult decision to admit their loved ones into a nursing home. They make this choice in an effort to ensure the safety of their loved ones. Their expectations that they will be treated with respect may be wrong, and sometimes facilities may be aware that there is nursing home abuse happening. There are different types of elderly abuse, and some of them are not physical. This has led to some families not realizing that abuse is occurring. The following points highlight telltale signs of nursing home abuse and neglect.

Sexual Assault

Some of these victims may be fearful of their abusers and not report their crimes. Others may be incapacitated by issues such as dementia or an inability to speak, which could result in a resident not being able to communicate if they have been victimized. Sexually abused residents of a nursing home who are cognizant may show signs of being depressed or have other behavioral issues. 


Staff members are required to ensure that residents do not wander outside of their facilities unsupervised. Residents who get outside of a facility could get seriously injured if they have cognitive issues. Possible injuries are hyperthermia or hypothermia, falls, and getting hit by a vehicle. A fatality may also occur. The victim may not get injured. However, the unsupervised actions are neglectful, and attempts to conceal this type of incident may be viewed as abuse.

Unnecessary Use of Restraints

Restraints must be used only when needed. If a physician has advised that they be removed after a certain length of time, staff must abide by the recommendation. The restraint may also only be appropriate for activities such as sitting in a wheelchair. If it is used during times such as bedtime, it could be viewed as abusive treatment. Victims may show signs of bruising. Their behavior may also change. 


Individuals who are unable to get out of bed by themselves need to be routinely rotated to a different position by staff members in nursing homes. If they do not do this critical part of care, their negligence is likely to be evidenced by bedsores. The sores occur due to bones and skin pushing against each for long periods of time. They can also occur when disposable briefs are not changed regularly. They can be fatal if medical attention is not provided.

A nursing home abuse lawyer is a valuable resource for individuals to use. If the abuse is proven, individuals may be compensated. Lawyers are familiar with their respective state laws and can identify when criminal and personal injury charges apply as well as who is responsible. There might be several entities or individuals who can be held liable. 

Contact a nursing home abuse lawyer to learn more.